You got a speeding ticket. It's unjust; you haven't harmed anyone, perhaps you weren't even speeding. Could you have avoided getting this ticket? What can you do to avoid speeding tickets in the future? Consult an expert someone who used to write speeding tickets for a living.

Jim Eagan is a retired commanding officer of the New York State Police. His book, entitled

jimeagan.gif (11336 bytes)A Speeder's Guide To Avoiding Tickets

is a real eye-opener. You'll find useful advice on

But there is much more in this book. Jim Eagan reveals how crooked really the system is:

Speed enforcement in this country is a mockery.


My experience has shown that if a person on an interstate is traveling in excess of thirty miles an hour OVER the speed limit, is following too close to the rear of anyone who dares impede his forward motion and almost forces other cars out of the way, there is at least a 75% chance that he is police officer. It is also very likely that he is off duty or if working, is NOT going to an emergency. There is better than a 99% chance that, when stopped, will not get a ticket. All cops don't speed while off duty but those who do, manage to do it with impunity.


...Speeding tickets are big business. They permit and justify the employment of an army of civil servants, including police, their supervisors, court clerks, accountants, judges, secretaries, stenographers, bailiffs, computer operators, programmers, district attorneys, and more. [...] If the volume of issued tickets begins to drop, the whole system begins to crumble like a city in an earthquake.

Jim Eagan knows the sentiment of the people:

..."We, the People" choose to drive cars faster than our elected officials choose to permit.

The book also makes a great reading. If you get past your anger at the bureaucrat class, you'll find A Speeder's Guide To Avoiding Tickets entertaining, even hilarious.

amazon.gif (1502 bytes)We should all thank Jim Eagan to have the courage to tell the rest of us the truth about speed enforcement. Buy this book at — it's well worth it's price.



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