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Car and Driver isn't just showing off the latest wheels. Insightful editorials from Csaba Csere, Patrick Bedard, and the other editors reveal how government bureacrats who preach safety actually expose you to danger. How do you pick a radar detector? Read the test in Car and Driver.

Directory of state legislatures Find your state legislator, and tell him get your state out of the ticket-writing-for-revenue business.

National Motorists Association The NMA has been instrumental in reprealing the national speed limit. The NMA fights helmet laws, unreasonable DUI regulations, mandatory airbag requirements. The NMA is also agreat resource for fighting tickets.

Tinted windows See how Pennsylvania State Police intimidates citizens and inspection stations, and how one man is fighting back.

Unauthorized practice of law - How Police Officers Commit Crimes In Prosecuting Summary Cases. Attorney Lawrence J. Casella, discusses the unlawful practice of policemen acting both as prosecutors and witnesses to summary offenses. His web site offers insight into other legal issues he has been working on. We are grateful for his permission to reprint Unauthorized practice of law as the first feature article for our web discussion board.


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