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Now, our man should be pleased -- the Superior Court has reversed Judge Watson's judgment.

Yet, questions remain.

First, an observation: We must be able to protect ourselves from harm inflicted by the state(s), including the judiciary. Pennsylvania and many other states delegate traffic-related offenses to Magisterial District Justices. These are courts of no record, which work as well-oiled machineries to collect ever larger sums of money from responsible motorists. Most states do not allow jury trials for most traffic-related offenses. At the same time, fines and costs extorted from motorists are used to maintain the system: To pay for more traffic police, more police cars, more radar guns. This very same revenue is also used to pay the system of Magisterial District Justices, who decide how much you must pay. Obviously, this environment encourages police and the District Justice to err against the motorist. Since we know that state bureaucracies almost never "downsize", instead, they grow ever larger and more costly, one might argue that police and District Justices have an incentive to get more money out of motorists who have to come before them. Thus, by design, the no-record, no-jury, paid-for-by-your-fine system of Magisterial District Justices cannot serve justice to motorists charged with traffic-related offenses.

Of course, one can also debate if currently applicable speed limits and traffic regulations make sense. Please see the links page.

While our man was vindicated (albeit at some cost and hassle), one must wonder how many other motorists were wronged by the Pine Marshall Bradford Woods Joint Police Force, and if so, whether the people in charge of the Pine Marshall Bradford Woods Joint Police Force, the Pine Marshall Bradford Woods Joint Police Board, and elected officials of the townships of Pine, Marshall, and Bradford Woods have tried to do something about it.

We will try to find out, and will certainly welcome your help.


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