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From: Brian on Monday, June 21, 1999

State: Mississippi

Story: Hello, Please review my case, and please let me know your opinion. Were you see driver, this is in reference to myself, were you see officer this is reference to the officer who wrote the citation. Every word of this is true, this is as it actually happened.

State: Mississippi
Highway: U.S. 49
Speed Limit: 65mph
County: Hinds
Car: 1998 Ford Explorer
Color: Red (ticket magnet I think, the color red that is)

On Tuesday, May 4, 1999 at 7:30am, my wife and I were on our way to work on 49 south, a 4 lane highway (2 lanes south and 2 lanes north). The present speed limit for this highway is 65mph. I was the first in a line of about 4 cars including myself. At this time my speed was approximately 75mph. As we approached a Blue Ford Crown Victoria in the left lane in front of us I suspected it to be some type of law enforcement, but saw no tag, lights, or markings confirming this. So I proceeded forward, by merging into the right lane assuming that it was just a civilian being a left lane road hog. At this time my speed was approximately 80mph. After merging into the left lane, I still saw no warning of it being law enforcement. At this time I had to merge back into the left lane on account of a truck in the right lane that I was approaching. As soon as I merged into the left lane and reached a safe distance in front of the truck that I was approaching in the right line I continued to merge back into the right lane and slow down. At this time my speed is approximately 70-75mph. The next thing I know is I see blue lights in my rear view mirror. I immediately pull to the side of the road and put my vehicle in park. I then pulled out my driver license to have it ready when the officer arrived at my window. My wife remained completely silent.

Here is the conversation of the officer and myself that took place:

Officer: "I stopped you because you were speeding"

Driver: (I said nothing and simply nodded my head up and down and handed him my drivers license.)

The officer returned to his car, talked on what looked like a phone then a radio. Then got out of his car and went to his trunk and got out what seemed to be a ticket book. He then got back into his car and wrote me a ticket. Finally, he returned to my car.

Officer: "I stop you for speeding cause you were doing 80 in a 65" (I really don't remember this part because I was thinking about some questions I wanted to ask him.)

Driver: "Do you have a radar? I mean may I see your radar?"

Officer: "No, I don't have a radar, I have a calibrated speedometer, it's the same thing"

Driver: "And you are with?"

Officer: "Hinds County Sheriffs Department, You got a ticket in Hinds County"

Driver: "ok"

Officer: "Have a nice day"

Driver: "You too"

I then proceeded to work, a little mad and frustrated like we all get when we get a ticket. I admit I am in the wrong here, but when I visited your site, I became interested in doing what I think can be done here and that is BEAT THE SYSTEM!

Q. "Is there such a thing as being given a ticket from a officer that is using a calibrated speedometer?"

Q. "Can a County Sheriff Deputy, give a speeding ticket on an U.S. highway?"

Q. "In the letter of disclosure, should I request the calibration record and repair history of the said speedometer and/or the records of any calibration equipment used to calibrate the said speedometer?"

Q. "Will past speeding citations that are still on my record be counted against me and/or brought up in court?"

Q. "How long does the officer have to turn in his/her tickets and/or is there a time limit and/or deadline for the officer to turn in his/her tickets?"

I would deeply appreciate any information or opinion on this matter as you probably have already noticed that I am going to fight this citation to backup the courts, learning experience, and to put the system to the test.

I was given the citation on Tuesday, May 4, 1999 and was given till Saturday, May 15, 1999 to say my plea. As of today Thursday, May 06, 1999 I have not said my plea, on account of the officer has not turned in the ticket. Therefore I have been told I can not say my plea till the officer turns in the ticket.

As of Monday, May 17, 1999, I have chose to go to court and have requested a herring, but have not received the date of the herring at this time. As of this time I have recevied a court date and am preparing for my case. I called the court clerks office to reschedule the court date, but was told I had to write the judge a letter requesting this. Why?

Please feel free to add any of this to your web page or frequently asked questions.

Thank you,

Brian Davis

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