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From: J. Rae Williams on Monday, August 3, 1998

State: West Virginia

Story: A state trooper was in front of me, saying later that his cruise control was set at 55mph, and suddenly put on his brakes, got behind me and eventually pulled me over. After he ran to my car, frustastrated that I was not intimidated by him, he aggresively asked me repeatedly if I would like a ticket. I said,"Of course I would not like a ticket, but you do what you have to do." He wrote me a ticket for going 58 in a 55 (the only reason the ticket is for 58 was because I told him that was the speed I was probably going when he pulled me over) and for having an obstructed windshield, for a total a $77.00. I figure if I was not young (22) and not Black I would not have recieved the ticket.



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