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Map of Freeport RoadWhile on the way home (Marshall Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania), our man was chased down and pulled over by an officer of the Pine Marshall Bradford Woods Joint Police Force.Once the ticket was handed to him, our man learned that he will be charged for travelling at 66 mph in a 35 mph zone. He was clocked with VASCAR over a rather short distance (0.188 miles, which is approximately 100 feet). (x on the map indicates location of the white marker lines.)

The ticket was for $173.00, which included:

$87.00 Fine (May include state + municipal fine)
$10.00 E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Service)
$50.00 CAT (Catastrophic Fund)
$24.50 Costs (May include court + commonwealth cost [HB627])
$1.50 J.C.P. (Judicial Computer Project)

That was just too high a fare to get home with his own car. There were no other cars on the road and he was proceeding with reasonable care and attention. He did not cause harm to anyone, did not run over anyone's property. That ticket just seemed very undeserved.

Mail in the $173.00 to the magistrate? He pondered for a second. No way. For this much money, the state should prove he is guilty of something.

Thus, our man decided to fight that speeding ticket


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