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The Highway Robbery Record

You are probably one of the thousands of motorists who was handed a traffic ticket today. The cop was probably polite, and perhaps told you to "Drive safely now", nonetheless, you were served notice that your state wants you to pay more than $100.

Either you will have to pay or you will have to fight the ticket in court. Either way, it costs you money or time (or both).

You might wonder: Will you become a "safe driver" by paying the fine or by pleading your case? Were you really an "un-safe driver" to begin with?

You also might wonder: Why did the cop pick you out of the many motorists who also ignored the same traffic regulation? Where is the "equal justice" principle?

What happens with the fines the state forces you to pay? Are the fines used to pay for more police, more radar guns, more computers to keep tabs on you?

If traffic regulations are being enforced in the interest of safety, why do cops hide so you would not have the chance to behave "safely" by slowing down before you could see them? Do cops hide because they DO WANT YOU TO SPEED so they could catch you and hand you a ticket?

This web site does not have the answers. But you can read Our Man's Story and many other stories, old and new, from fellow motorists.

Story of a speeding ticket