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THOUSANDS of speeding tickets are handed out every day in this country. Most people never contest the ticket, but dutifully mail in the check to pay the fine.

A small percentage of those ticketed attempt to fight the system. Many of them are succesful to some degree and end up convicted of a lesser speeding charge. A few of the accused succeed and get acquitted.

Some people don't contest the charge because they honestly believe that they deserve to pay for breaking the law. Others pay up without any fight for a variaty of reasons: Lack of time, wanting to avoid confrontation, etc.

Those who take the trouble of going to court trust the American justice system. The judge might consider the mitigating circumstances and reduce the fine. And of course, if the ticket was given in error, the judge will surely dismiss the charge -- isn't this why we have such a system of justice?

Well, let's find out...

It started with a speeding ticket


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