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Appeal Brief

Judge Watson's Opinion
State Concedes Case

After losing in Common Pleas Court, our man was discouraged enough to throw in the towel.

His friends encouraged him, though: "You must appeal. Judge Watson clearly made an error. There is no way you can lose on appeal."

Yeah, that is just what our man thought before: He thought the case should be dismissed, first, because of the cop's conflicting testimony, second, because the statute prohibits conviction for the speed he was found travelling at.

Others, however, weren't enthusiastic about the idea of appealing the case. "Eighty percent of the cases lose on appeal" our man was told. "Why throw good money after bad money" one of his friends asked. "Just be happy that you got your fine reduced, a lawyer will cost you a bundle to handle your appeal."

Decisions, decisions... Our man wasn't happy about paying a lawyer, but after all the pros and cons, he just couldn't let this one slide. He had not gotten justice. On the contrary, the Great American Justice System seemed to have been acting like a money-grabbing maffia.

Our man appealed to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania


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